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Used Computer Donations Needed
at Calvary Lutheran

  Calvary Lutheran Church currently needs some kindhearted souls to donate 2 used computer systems.  We are a non-profit organization, and all donors will receive a letter from our pastor on church stationery acknowledging their gift.

  Our *minimum* basic needs are as follows:

  486DX/2  66Mhz CPU with 16mb RAM
  15" SVGA .28 pitch monitor
  1.6gb hard drive / 1.2mb floppy drive / 4x CD-ROM
  keyboard, mouse ( sound-card would be nice )
  printer ( 20-pin dot-matrix or ink-jet )

  Again, these are our basic needs...we need (2) such systems...if some individual or corporation wants to donate a used Pentium-class system, so much the better.  If you only have one system to donate, that's fine, as one system would be better than none.

  For more information, please contact Pastor David Vidler at the Calvary church office: (773) 223-3533, or via E-mail at:

  Thanks, God bless you for reading this, and may the Peace, the Joy and the Love of the Lord be abundantly yours. ]